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Things I do as an adult, now my autism diagnosis has settled in

  • Consciously distancing myself from society, conformity, and traditional norms.

  • More self-love, care and acceptance.

  • Being able to be more openly honest.

  • Actually, being brutally honest with those closest to me, no matter how irrational or wild the thoughts.

  • Accepting intrusive thoughts, for what they are and how my mind works.

  • Realising that my flaws growing up were autistic traits that should be celebrated.

  • I no longer make excuses for being the way I am. 

  • I am able to joke with friends (the few humans I actually talk to) about my autistic traits and share SEN moments.

  • It’s okay not to be liked by everyone, it’s okay to not like everyone either.

  • Enjoying missing out on events, I would have previously masked for and drunk my way through them.

  • Reliving my teenage angst and fashion with such joy.

  • Knowing how to look after myself during an autistic burnout and being able to neutralise triggers.

  • No longer feeling embarrassed or ashamed of not fitting in.

  • No longer trying to fit in, force conversations or friendships.

  • Outgrowing the old masked version of myself and the elements of that life. 

  • Healing my inner child and young adult trauma and putting things in place to guide my own autistic children.

  • Enjoying my mind.

  • Having more confidence.

  • I like what I like and I don’t give a f*ck.

  • Being at peace, for the first time ever.

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