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Welcome to The Invisible Gift, the show all about turning Neurodiversity into possibility.


Andrew Kitley grew up knowing he was different. His dyslexia and ADHD made it difficult for Andrew to learn the same way others did in school. Despite Andrew possessing exceptional abilities in other areas, he was told he had a problem, a disability. Andrew left school frustrated, unfulfilled, without reaching his full potential. This could have been a disaster but it turned out to be a blessing.


Andrew would work his way up the literal and metaphorical ladder to become Managing Director of Kitall: a structural engineering firm. Under Andrew's guidance, Kitall is now one of the most sought-after names to complete complex engineering projects in the UK. Now, Andrew is under no illusion he has a gift.


His dyslexia, his neurodiversity, has made him determined, adaptive, and creative.

Andrew seeks the advice and inspiration of another trailblazer who has defied the odds to achieve the extraordinary - turning their challenge into an invisible gift.

A few of our amazing guests...
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