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Autism Vs ADHD

Updated: May 9

The holiday addition, the ASD mum and ADHD teen-out experience.


ASD: Packed, organised at least one month in advance.


ADHD: Last-minute scramble, forgets charger, and doesn’t even bother packing toiletries.


ASD: Let me look after the passports so they are all safe in one place.


ADHD: It’s alright I got it, fiddles with and bends corner edges and then loses passport.


ASD: Happy to sit in a quiet space and silently people-watch before boarding.


ADHD: Frustrated with being trapped, everything and everyone annoys him. Headphones in. Chewing gum. 


ASD: Calm sitting on a plane, blocking out all interference and in the zone of a happy place to make it as comfortable as possible.


ADHD: Up down fidget snack up down twitchy up down bored up down why is this taking so long?!


ASD: Routes and activities planned with equal amount of chill time in between to recharge and avoid burnout.


ADHD: Random exploring, getting lost, this place that place, what’s next, more more more. 


ASD: Sticking with familiar names for meal times, better the devil you know, and most likely go on silent hunger strike till safe food place is available.


ADHD: This, That, Overexcitement, I don’t even like that, wtf is that.


ASD: Unpack suitcase and hang clothes sequentially in order of when needed.


ADHD: Live out of a suitcase and create random piles on the floor of worn bits and sweet wrappers.


ASD: Learns some local lingo to support communication issues.


Teen and adult in cave

ADHD: A mix of English, French, and Spanish, mostly speaks with a twang and drops in a movie quote.


ASD: Check the hotel room for danger, turn off all lights but one for safety, and sleep in a dark silent room.


ADHD: F*CK danger, I am ready for anything, not even tired, three lights on, half-dressed, in bed, watching TikTok and snacking till KO, and when KO all electrical items will remain on.


ASD: Sunbathing, half in shade half in sun away in a quiet space, mostly in shade #vampiremode


ADHD: So what do we do now? Talks non-stop about random sh*t. In the pool. Out the pool. Laying down. Sitting up. Back in the pool. Sunbathing is boring.


ASD: Packing in an orderly fashion that’s easy to sort out when home.


ADHD: Lost half his stuff and the rest is thrown in.


ASD: Stopped at foreign security, omg, act normal, don’t panic, mask mode activated.


ADHD: What’s your problem bruh?! Fidgets more and acts more erratic, takes the routine stop personally. 


ASD: Back home, unpack, laundry on, jumps in bed, and recharges in a dark room watching Crime Thrillers.


ADHD: I’m back, throws bag to the corner of the room, bedroom how I’ve missed you, TikTok, Xbox, all the lights, friend WhatsApp group, makes plans, and all the snacks. 


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