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The Beautiful Invisible Gift and the Battle of Skills

Updated: May 8

My name is Angela Zhelkova, and I live with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and Dysgraphia. Although life with these challenges can be tough, I've come to embrace them both during my high school years and now in secondary school.

During my high school days at the age of 14, I faced one of the most challenging moments of my life.

My teacher asked me to read a text from a book, but as I gazed at the page, the letters seemed to dance and evade my understanding. I couldn't decipher the words, and the intense headache that followed was unbearable. His reaction, yelling in front of the entire class, hurt me deeply. I felt scared and anxious, with tears welling up. I confided in my special education teacher, sharing the emotional turmoil. When I got home, I recounted the incident to my mother, who held me tightly and reassured me, saying, "Don't worry, my dear, it will be okay." It was then that she told me I had dyslexia and began reading with me. Reading was a monumental challenge for me as words and letters swirled and spun, but I persevered despite feeling judged by my classmates. This became a traumatic experience, marked by the ongoing struggle against dyslexia.

As I came to understand that I also had ADHD, Dyscalculia, and Dysgraphia, I began to accept myself. I grew to appreciate dyslexia for the unique gifts it brought—enhanced creativity, a penchant for hobbies, and a deep connection to music. When I channeled my creativity, I felt inspired, brimming with imagination, images, ideas, hobbies, and stories accompanied by beautiful mental visuals.

Conversations with my special education teacher further fuelled my enthusiasm for sharing insights about dyslexia.

Engaging in Erasmus+, Youth Exchanges, and Training Courses marked a turning point. These

experiences greatly enriched my creativity, offering opportunities to share imaginative ideas,

collaborate with young minds, and explore new cultures. Erasmus+ proved instrumental in

showcasing my creative ideas through large-scale visuals and inventive workshops. Today, I feel like the happiest person, attributing my newfound strength to dyslexia.

I work tirelessly, aware that living with dyslexia demands a continuous effort. I now revel in a

peaceful coexistence with dyslexia, cherishing my boundless creativity and talent. I love my dyslexia for the invaluable lessons it has taught me, and I remain resolute in never giving up.

My message to others is simple: Follow your dreams, believe in yourself, and harness the power of dyslexia to achieve greatness.

I am a content and fulfilled individual, grateful for the support and love of my family. To all parents, I urge you to spend quality time with your children, as my mother did for me. I am thankful for their assistance and encouragement.

You will always shine like a star.

You’re not stupid, the letters and numbers are dancing, but you have hidden talent inside your brain and creativity to show your imagination.

I am a happy and proud individual, unburdened by worry, basking in the glow of my creative ideas. I encourage you to break free from conventional thinking and shine like a superstar.

Forge ahead, believe in your dreams, and trust in yourself.

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