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Empowering Your Dyslexic Child for Success: Quick Tips for a New School Term

Updated: May 8

As a parent of a child with dyslexia, you play a pivotal role in setting the stage for your child's success in each new school term. Schools can often be complex settings with a minefield of rules, regulations, and policies. Embracing your child’s unique abilities and ensuring the right support is in place is every parent’s target aim!

Here are some quick win tips to inspire and empower both you and your child as a new term begins:

Open Communication: Start by having an open and honest conversation with your child about their dyslexia. Encourage them to express their feelings and concerns. Listen when they tell you things that work and things that don’t, e.g., reading aloud or being given a reader ruler.

Organisation is Key: Many children with dyslexia struggle with the simple basics of organising their bag and equipment. Make sure you help with this and have a quiet word with the teacher to briefly explain this is likely to need regular support at school. Helping with organisation skills can really make a difference for a child starting school in the new term.

Teacher meetings: At the beginning of the new school term, it is important to wait 2 weeks before approaching your child’s teacher. This will allow both your child and the new teacher to get to know one another. After two weeks, arrange a short meeting where you can discuss adjustments and interventions that are in place (or should be in place)

Be Positive: The Power of Positivity is second to none in my 25 years of experience working in schools and working with parents. Stay positive in all meetings and always talk about things that are going well first. This will work in your favour when it comes to then finding out what is being put in place for your child.

Regular check-ins: Never ever worry about being ‘that parent’ who is continually pestering the school. Remember! Nobody is going to look out for your child and be their advocate apart from you! Set up regular check-ins with the teacher or teachers. This can be as little as a quick word at the gate or classroom, you are just politely checking in to ensure everything is going okay.

Like any new start, we all feel a little nervous and this is perfectly normal. Remember, routine, good relationships, and positivity are key! Best of luck to all the children starting school this September.

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