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Multi-Sensory Training

  • 1Day


We offer in depth training in HOW to support and teach reading, writing, and spellings using a multi-sensory approach to learning. Delve deeper into our comprehensive training programs, where we go beyond awareness to provide practical guidance on supporting and teaching essential skills like reading, writing, and spelling. Our approach is rooted in the principles of multi-sensory learning, ensuring that every individual, regardless of neurotype, can thrive in their educational journey. Through our immersive sessions, participants learn innovative techniques that engage multiple senses simultaneously, reinforcing learning and retention. From incorporating tactile materials and visual aids to tapping into auditory cues, our training equips educators, support staff, and caregivers with a diverse toolkit for effective instruction. Moreover, our experts tailor strategies to accommodate the unique needs of neurodiverse learners, fostering an inclusive environment where every individual can unlock their full potential. By honing in on practical methodologies and personalised interventions, we empower educators to make a tangible difference in the lives of those they support.

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